SIS Street Soccer 4vs4 (Summer 2021)

UpdatedMonday August 31, 2020 by SIS.

Summer Street Soccer Every Sunday: Dates will be posted in December 

  • 4 vs. 4
  • Sundays: June - August
  • $185
  • 4-6pm
  • Ages 6-16
  • Boys & Girls
  • For Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Q&A with Founder and Director, Richard Möller.

Q: What is street soccer?

A: The concept of street soccer allows youth soccer players the freedom to play small-sided games (4 v. 4) at the most basic form without any coaching and very ‘little direction’. To allow them to play freely and to learn creative play on their own without comment, correction or criticism.

Street soccer is the most natural educational system that can be found, simply allowing the game to be the teacher. Allowing youth players to discover their own strengths, weaknesses and creativeness. To allow them to just love their own pure passion for the game!

This can only happen in an environment free from directing and coaching, not just from coaches, but from parental direction/comments as well while playing.

Q: What is the ‘little direction’?

A: The small-sided field has two scoring zones and two small goals on either end. You are only allowed to score when you are in the scoring zone and you are allowed to score on either goal. This simple rule enhances the development of the soccer IQ naturally and progressively. Without coaching players are starting to create numbers going forward and change the direction of play to increase scoring opportunities. Developing the soccer IQ takes time but this is one of the most functional and fun way of doing it.

Please click here for additional information on our philosophy and training models.

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