MDFC Inaugural Season

Updated Monday August 5, 2019 by Maryland FC .

Maryland FC will have its official inaugural season this fall. MDFC is strictly an elite club fielding only elite boys teams. The first team to represent “The MDFC” is our 2010 age group. They will solely compete in the top division (EDP) and top brackets at numerous big-name tournaments (EDP Cup Fall, Bethesda Premier Cup, Jefferson Cup, etc.)This team will also compete in numerous 5vs5, 4vs4 and 3vs3 tournaments throughout the year as it is a big part of player development at MDFC. 


“Whereas most elite teams for our age group are looking to play more 9vs9 games already we are looking to play more small-sided games in addition to our regular 7vs7 league and tournament schedule. We want to go smaller and not bigger. I wish we could mainly play structured small-sided games, but since national rankings kick in next year already we have to find a balance for proper player development and at the same time keep an eye on seating, rankings and winning. However, it is imperative we do not focus on the adult system but rather on the youth system in respect to player development and then when the time arrives and we get to compete for a National Championship in three years we are ready to shift the balance from principally process-orientation to (~60%) process- and  (~40%) goal-orientation. Development is a marathon and not a sprint and youth soccer in the US fosters the adult system and not the youth system,” says Director of Coaching, Rich Moller. 


During the winter months the 2010 team will be playing in the national EDP Futsal league.


“We are very excited. We have been training all spring and summer. We have a great group of players and just as important, parents. At this young age it is imperative that the parents allow for their child to develop intrinsically, learning to lead or to be lead, learning the importance to be critiqued and the list goes on and on. We are in a great situation. Many big-name clubs do not have our luxury to hone in on the all-important values of player development. Many if not all big-name clubs focus so much on their club fees, required administrative fees, mandatory fundraising, keeping players (and parents) happy no matter of their level of play or because of their level of play and disregard character issues, etc. that what a club stands for becomes very ambiguous disallowing for proper player development across the board. We stand for character and therefore pick and choose our players (and in many ways our parents as well) based on character first and talent second. Fortunately, our 2010 has both,” continues Rich Moller.


MDFC will also offer the most comprehensive Junior (ages 5-8, boys and girls are welcome for that age group) and Bambini Academy (ages 3-5, boys and girls are welcome for that age group) in Maryland. Both programs will train on a brand new artificial turf, twice a week for 10 weeks and the Junior Academy will also play 3vs3 and 4vs4 scrimmages on Saturday’s. 


“Our goal is to offer the best junior and bambini program in the state by putting forth one of the top curriculums in the world. I helped write the curriculum for player development in Germany and we recently renewed some sections. Several Premier teams such as Chelsea have adopted our new curriculum. Last but not least, each year we will pick a new U8 team from our academy. We want to develop all our teams from an early age, concludes Rich Moller.


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