Maryland FC (U9) Tournament Champs

UpdatedSunday October 6, 2019 byMaryland F.C..

Maryland FC U9 won the EDP 5vs5 Tournament in noticeable fashion. Kieran, Kolt, Mason and Maverick all scored multiple goals. MDFC played a diamond shape with Kieran playing the target position, Kolt playing on the right side, Mason playing on the left side and Maverick playing the holding role. 

“Leading up to the tournament we worked on playing to the target player, Kieran, and playing off of him. Kieran is very technical and can turn with the ball on a dime to either take a shot or pass it to Kolt or Mason. Kieran did a fantastic job executing his role not only as a target player but also as the first line of defense. We also worked on playing through balls and crossing and Kolt and Mason did an outstanding job recognizing when to fall back to receive the ball from Maverick and take on a player 1 on 1 or when to make a run into space to attack the goal or to cross. Kieran, Kolt and Mason scored a total of 30 goals together. Many of these goals included multiple passes completed, changing the direction of play, not forcing it and playing it back to start the attack over, to name a few creative plays the team executed in order to score. Maverick had the responsibility to feed the ball to all three attacking players. In order to do so he had to beat the first defender pressuring him in order to create numbers up and for his teammates to play a more dynamic style of soccer. Opposing teams recognized Maverick’s role early in the game and tried every player and oftentimes with two players to stop him with no success. Maverick is our playmaker and he was classical yesterday but he also was a force on defense. I really mean when I say nobody gets by this little guy. In short, the team played amazing and to think this is only a U9 team is almost scary. But, I also have to give the parents a big compliment and my assistant coaches, Duane Hinderer and Steve Kendall. I am a firm believer that at our age the most development takes place at home. The parents are very supportive of my philosophy and as a group we push our players to improve weekly in practice but more importantly at home,”says Head Coach, Rich Moller.

“The greatest compliment I can receive is when the opposing coaches and parents applaud our style of soccer. This group won the Winter Futsal League without losing a single game and we received many compliments from opposing coaches and parents. Not too long ago we played one of the premier Virginia clubs and their head coach expressed how we have been the most technical team he has seen all year. And over the weekend a coach from a premier MD club approached us praising our style of soccer and inviting us to their spring tournament competing in the top bracket. These compliments are a direct reflection of the hard work of our young players. They enjoy working hard and they take every opportunity to get better seriously. I love coaching this group of kids,” concludes Rich Moller.

The team will be competing in two additional 5vs5 tournaments and three 3vs3 tournaments with a chance to qualify for Regionals and the 3vs3 Disney Tournament.

“I am a big fan of the small-sided games. In Germany we still play 4vs4 at this age group and Manchester United has their youth teams play 4vs4 longer than any other team in the world before they even think about playing 7vs7. The small-sided games develop the first and most important steps in respect to soccer IQ as well as technical skills under pressure in small spaces,” adds Rich Moller.